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Yukari woke up before dawn.
Fuwari was still sleeping.
“Oh, there’s a cat!” said Yukari.
"Maaarssssshmaaaaaallooooooow," mewed the cat.
"So, your name is Marshmallow."

"Marssssssh," the cat mewed.
"You want us to follow you, that’s it?”replied Yukari.
Yukari and Fuwari left their room through the window. Then they saw the moon shining.
“What a beautiful moon! "
And the adventure of Yukari, Fuwari and Marshmallow began.

Marshmallow flew through the sky carrying the two girls on his back.
Breaking through the clouds, the moon grew bigger and bigger.
And from above, the forest seemed very small to them.


They finally arrived on the moon.
There was a lone star, without anyfriend.
All the other stars were big.
This star was all alone, because despite its small size, its light was so powerful.
"Hi,I am a star. Nice to meet you,”said the star.

"Everyone leaves me because of my light which dazzles them. "
" Is that so? But it doesn't dazzle us.
Do you want to follow the path with us? "
" Really? Can I?”said the star.
“Of course,” said the girls.
They let Marshmallow guide them.
Rabbits cameto greet them, and then the four left.

The star was so happy to hadbeen able to make friends that, carelessly, he fell into the sea!
" Oh no! Are you okay?” said Yukari
" What should we do!”said Fuwari.
“Marssssssh! "
The three followed the light to save the star.


When they arrived near the star, fish attracted by its light were swimming around it.
The bodies of the fish glittered reflecting the star's light.
"How beautiful ..." said Yukari.

Diving deep into the sea, the four noticed that the fish were gone.
Starlight illuminated the space, coloring it light blue.
The four floated adrift, and began to feel drowsy.
"Ah, that feels good..." said Fuwari.

Then, Yukari and Fuwari woke up. The adventure was over.
“Oh, was it a dream? "
However, when they saw the star, they thought not.
"What were we doing?”said Fuwari.
"It was such a strange adventure…" said Yukari.
Yet, neither Yukari nor Fuwari remembered Marshmallow.





Claudia was woken up in the middle of the night by scratching noise.
She got scared and woke her sister Aude up, who was sleeping with her.
But Aude immediately fell asleep again, hugging her little cat Oscar.
Suddenly the window opened, and behind there was a good-sized cat.
- "Aude, Aude, wake up! There’s a huge cat! “cried Claudia.
- "Huh! No foolish! »said Aude.
- "But look!” cried Claudia.

Aude was shocked, there was indeed a giant cat!
They then went outside to meet him. The cat said to them:
- "My name is Georges, I see you look after my son very well! "
Claudia and Aude looked at each other and said surprised:
-" Your son ??? "
- "Yes, Oscar, my son!" I left him in front of your house 6 months ago. "

Georges said:
- "To thank you, I’m going to take you for a walk while Oscar sleeps."
Then, they climbed onto Georges, who flew away!
- "It's beautiful, don't you think so?” said Claudia.
Aude did not answer, she admired the beautiful landscape, the blue sky and the clouds.



Georges stopped on a planet that was white as a cloud. Aude and Claudia picked a beautiful star there.

They then wanted to go back home, but Georges had forgotten the way. Luckily, they met two rabbits.
Georges asked them:
- "Hello, do you know the way to the world? "
But no, the rabbits were tourists.

Then, a star began to move.
- "Let's follow him!" said Georges.
Aude and Claudia weren't sure, but they followed George's advice and plunged into space with him.



The star suddenly stopped.
They approached, but when Aude touched it, thousands of fish appeared out of nowhere and began to sing:
- "It's a dream, it's a dream! "
-" Not at all!” said the girls uncertainly.

The star started to laugh and replied:
-" You’ll see! "
They wondered why the star said that. But, at the same time, all these things, the talking star, the little white planet and even Georges, couldn't be real!

Claudia then woke up and thought the star was right.
But, to be sure, she woke Aude up and asked her if she’d had the same adventure as her.
But no.
Claudia said to herself that the little star was therefore right and went out to take a shower.
Aude then said in Oscar's ear.
- "Oscar, your daddy Georges says hi to you!"



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